Nitro Cold Brew Coffee - What is it? How is it made?

Posted July 10 2019


The future is here: Nitro. Cold. Brew. Coffee.


A bombastic collection of words and flavors, served at your local Starbucks and (possibly, if you’re lucky) your cozy local coffee bar. In the past few years, nitro cold brew coffee has become more mainstream (much to the distaste of the coffee aficionados) and gained more intense attention from both coffee brewers and coffee drinkers (like Generic).


But what is it? How do you make it? And where is it from?

Find out below!


Unlike your standard coffee, a cold brew coffee is grounded and steeped in cold or room temperature water. The grounded coffee is left to steep in water overnight or up to 12-24 hours if you want that extra oomph! Once it’s good, it is poured through a coffee filter to strain. Cold brew coffee can be kept in the fridge for over a week so its taste is always changing plus you can add a new flavor every day by adding some summer fruits. The perfect summer refresher tipple.


Now, let’s learn about how NITRO cold brew coffee is taken to the next level (if that was possible) with a little help of…… wait for it…… Nitrogen gas.



In 2013, a food scientist, Nate Armbrust, had the idea of putting coffee “on tap.” He unlocked a new taste of coffee by infusing Nitrogen gas into a cold brew (because summer fruits, just weren't sufficient for Nate). Nitrogen gas is odorless, colorless and doesn’t easily dissolve in water which creates small bubbles. With a nitro coffee dispenser, the coffee is served on tap – making it look like a good craft beer.

And these are the results of how Nitrogen gas do to cold brew coffee.



Compared to normal iced coffee, Nitro coffee gives a sweeter taste. It is less bitter than regular coffee and also offers a foamy and creamy texture without adding milk. Some brewers even claim that the coffee may have about 30% more caffeine than regular coffee – buzz, buzz. Moreover, the coffee is proven to be less acidic because it is brewed at a lower temperature.

To sum up, Nitro coffee isn’t just a trend. But it is a journey to discover a new taste and an alternative way to enjoy our favorite cups.