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No-nonsense Wooden Puzzles for Grown Ups!

Active Ingredients: Wood & eureka moments. (Caution: may contain trace amounts of string)

Directions:  Solve the puzzle or complete the game; apply pieces to holed or linked area. Assemble, untangle, slide, or place pieces as desired.

Best results if used with: Patience, creativity, and pertinacity in equal measure.

May cause tranquility, improved memory, clarity of thought, increased manual dexterity, hair regrowth, x-ray vision, extradimensional portals, or sense of accomplishment upon puzzle completion.

High fives and celebratory cocktails not included. Request refills as needed.

Active Ingredients: Wood & Eureka Moments. (Warning: May Include trace elements of string.)
Please add: Patience. Creativity. Pertinacity. All in equal measurements.
Directions: Solve the puzzle; complete the game. Apply pieces to holed or linked area. Assemble. Untangle. Slide. Place. You decide.
Side effects may include: Calmer state. Improved memory. Thought clarity. Sense of Fulfillment upon completion.
If side effects persist - request another puzzle.
Pat on the back and celebratory dinner not included.